Games have an incredible ability to communicate ideas.
We believe they can be one of the most effective tools for education and provoking thought on significant issues. There is a sparsely populated gap between games that are fun and those that attempt to inform. It is our aim to start filling that gap and, if successful, play a small role in improving society.

Become the Spirit of Humanity in this environmental puzzle platformer.
Chase the dreams of our species through a world distilled from our own.
Test your powers of forethought and perception to find the most sustainable path
and overcome the greatest challenge of our survival - creating Synergy.

Play in Unitys' legacy web player

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Our Awesome Group.

Douglas Kelly

Passionate about anything that can challenge peoples points of views or their preconceptions of the world in an engaging way.

Iain J McCallum

I love the internet, code and design, but more than that, I love using them to create and build anything that seems exciting!

Anastasia Devana

Loves telling a story through music, art, and code. Sole reason for creating is that someday somewhere someone might be touched by it.

Get involved!

Do you have a thought-provoking game idea?

One that might help people think in a new way or understand an idea that might be difficult to convey through other media? Let us know, we’re happy to talk, give feedback, and even pitch into development.

general at sophiesgames dot com

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